Home Made Mango Bravo Cake Recipe

Mango Bravo Cake made simple utilizing steamed or heated techniques. This delicate and sodden chiffon cake finished off with cream, sweet mangoes, and liquefied chocolate is a definitive sweet fix. Hi everybody! I’m Guru, and I’m back again today with one more sweet treat for you.

In case you are searching for additional ways of getting a charge out of succulent mangoes this season, this Mango Bravo cake is an unquestionable requirement attempt. A great blend of delicate and soggy chiffon cake, liberal pipings of sweet whipped cream frosting, tasty new mangoes, and showers of dissolved chocolate to finish everything off, each nibble is a blast of flavors!

Before we continue, let me simply say that albeit roused by Conti’s, this formula here isn’t the specific copycat. While the café’s Mango Bravo Cake is a noteworthy layered show-stopper with wipe cake, meringue wafers, and mousse layers, our unassuming form is a straightforward chiffon cake yet comparably delightful.

Rather than making the base cake in one major skillet, I chose to utilize llaneras to yield little partitions that would fit in individual plastic tubs. This sort of bundling is extraordinary for selling or giving.

Additionally, we get a ton of remarks on our cake and treat plans here on Kawaling Pinoy in the event that they can be steamed rather than prepared. Indeed, dear perusers, we hear you since this mango cake hitter can be steamed on the burner or heated in the stove!

Add mango pith to the egg yolk hitter to develop the character. In the event that inaccessible, substitute vanilla concentrate. Separate the egg whites from the yolks when the eggs are cold, yet permit the egg whites to arrive at room temperature prior to speeding to make more volume.

For best outcomes, utilize clean, oil free dishes, and whisk connections. Use glass or metal dishes as plastic can have an oily film that will hold the whites back from preparing to full volume. Beat the egg whites until shiny, thick, and hardened pinnacles hold up straight without falling.

Tenderly crease the meringue into the yolk hitter in three slow augmentations utilizing an elastic spatula until the subsequent player is uniform in shading, making a point not to flatten the meringue.

The formula utilizes 1-cup size llaneras and yields four little cakes. Softly oil the llaneras or skillet and load up with the hitter to 3/4 full.

Steam for around 15-18 minutes or until the cakes are springy to the touch. Or then again heat in a preheated 350 F prepare them at 350 F for around 16 to 20 minutes.

You can likewise utilize 8 x 8 skillet and just cut the cake into rectangular parts of fit into the plastic tubs. Add additional 5 minutes of cooking time when utilizing bigger skillet.

Mood killer the hotness and don’t eliminate the cakes immediately to forestall uncommon shrinkage. Give rest access the liner for around 3 minutes. Rearrange the llaneras on top of mugs until they are totally cool. Cooling them the cakes potential gain will keep them from falling.


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